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Kaizen Lighting LLC

Welcome to Proper Lighting.



Specialist - Here at Kaizen Lighting we're automotive lighting specialists. We offer the best in automotive lighting upgrades and modifications for all makes, models, and years.

The Retrofit Source, Lightwerkz, Subispeed, Diode Dynamics - We're an Authorized dealer with all the big names that manufacturer the best in retrofitting supplies.

Hand built - All headlights are hand built to specifically suit each customer with their ideal setup.

Quality - Passion for the art of performance lighting, we stand by our work.

Customer Support - We put our customers first. Quick, friendly, and informative. We're always an email away ready to help.

Competitive Pricing - Our pricing is the best you'll find around without sacrificing quality. 

DIY Supplier - Do you have the skills that pay the bills? We offer all the great retrofitting materials to tackle your own build if that's your thing.


Retrofit Assemblies – We take a set of new or used halogen assemblies and install a projector system inside the housing.

Full Retrofit Kits – Full plug & play retrofits. These include all the bulbs, wires, and extra goodies you'll need to have a hassle free install.

Condensation Fix/New Seals – Moisture can get into lights for many reasons. We can open them up, clean them out, and re-seal them like new.

Lens Restore – Restore those old lenses to new with a buff and polish. Or a full wet sand and clear coat.

Painting/Detailing – With professional automotive painting experience we can have your lights painted to match the car. We also offer collision, custom paint and body work, rust repair, and detailing!  

Light Bars/Under Glow/Interior – Not just headlights! We offer installation of light bars, under glow, radios, tablets, anything automotive! 

LED – LED's are the new thing. In the right situation these can be a great update.

Halos, Demon eye, LED strips – Looking to stand out? We can add anything you've seen and then some. Control and set your headlight color schemes from your phone, sequential dancing lights, switchback LEDs. No problem.

Product Help – Hey, we don't blame you. There's a lot of options out there and we'd love to help with any questions you have.

Worldwide Shipping – Across the globe or local to us here in the great state of NY. We ship worldwide, LHD or RHD. No matter what side of the road you drive on, including offroad!

Ebay & OEM Upgrades – Already have a set of projector lights? We have drop in kits that can upgrade ebay or oem projectors using their mounting brackets.

Best Modification money can buy
— all clients