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May is here and lot's of new builds underway. RGB madness!

After a month break, we're back at it with alot of exciting builds for march!

Lots of great builds underway as well as further development in lighting performance we'll be releasing mid-January.  

This is the low beam output of our most budget friendly set-up to give you an idea of where the bar starts. 35w 5k hid kit in Acme standard mini h1 projectors.

Lots of great builds being done on a variety of cars as well as an Audi lens restoration.

Subaru's are our main customer base here and we're always looking to push the bar for better light output and styles. There's some great builds in progress that we'll be excited to launch early next year for sale once they've been put through the paces!

Our personal daily driver, 2002 Subaru Outback wagon. These headlights have seen many different combinations and styles. They've been opened up over 5 times and have held up great with no condensation or issues over the years of owning them, snow storms, and 3 different subarus they've been bolted to. 

2000 Chevy s10 headlights. There's limited space for projector mounting with the hosing being so narrow. We ended up fully recessing the projector and adding some colors while we wait on some colorful parts to arrive to wrap them up!

We've had alot of requests for a retrofit SPLIT style that can retain DRL functions. These are under construction and are almost ready to launch for sale. Single nut mounting isn't an option with the tight spacing on the smaller reflector dome. 4-point "nut and bolt" method must be used. While we're in there why not add some nice led accessories as well?  

Jeff's 2003 Toyota Rav4 needed some serious attention. He wanted something different and gave us full control over what the outcome was.