Entry C-Light Halogen 93-01 GC Subaru Impreza

Entry C-Light Halogen 93-01 GC Subaru Impreza


Entry C-Light Halogen 93-01 GC Subaru Impreza

Package Contents:

Plastic assemblies (NOTE: THESE ARE ONLY MADE IN PLASTIC) (Glass units are only available in the premium setup)

Switchback C lights

2.5” Bi-xenon Halogen Projectors (upgrades available)

Plug and play into OEM connector

NOTE: These projectors accept H1 halogen bulbs/some LED bulbs if small enough for opening.

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Note: Some additional features shown such as RGB C-lights, RGB halos, Bluetooth controllers, Demon eyes, Kaizen Glass, can all be added to your order by adding these items separately to your cart via the shop.

Product Overview: Not ready for our top shelf HID Projectors with wicked output? Don’t worry! The entry level units get you into our C-light units at a great price. Output is equivalent to OEM Halogen. We start with a brand new set of headlight assemblies. Adding condensation vents and new headlight sealant as standard. The assemblies are modified to fit the requested projector while retaining all OEM adjusting properties for a seamless experience.

C-Lights: Bring that old subi you love into the modern age. Switchback LED C-lights originally designed to fit the 15' plus WRX/STI are modifided to fit into the housing. 

PLUG AND PLAY? : YES! Plug in to your OEM harness on the car, connect to the battery, ground the others and you're ready to go! Everything is labeled and easy for anyone to install.