Common Q & A

What is the turn around time?

  • 1-4 weeks. Each set is specifically built for the customer's needs. Custom etching, painting, led additions, first time builds will extend build time. 

How do you accept payment?

  • Paypal, Directly though The Shop, Ebay

Can i send you my headlights to retrofit?

  • Yes, while we work on used and new we encourage our customers to purchase new OEM replacement headlights if the car is older. Working with older assemblies the internals can be worn and plastics prone to breaking. What good is all that awesome output if it can't be tweaked and fine tuned in!?

What are shipping costs and who pays them?

  • Buyer pays shipping. Shipping is calculated from 14420. Fedex and Usps are used.

What warranties if any are covered and what should i do if i have a problem?

  • As a small independent business we don't have the funds or stock to offer any kind of warranty. 
  • All sales are final. There are NO returns. 
  • Once lights are purchased there is a NO REFUNDS for any reason.
  • With that said, the manufacturer of most materials we are using have a great warranty and offer a free exchange/replacement once the item is sent back
  • We stride for your 100% satisfaction. The buyer must pay shipping both ways for any replacement or warrenty work.    

It looks like you just started up, how long have you been doing headlights?

  • We've been messing with headlights specifically for 5 years now and have decided to market work out to anyone that inquires.

So what do YOU recommend i get?

  • As with most products, "You get what you pay for" this market is no exception. We usually tell people to search and call around to a few other places that offer retrofits just to get an idea of price. The price goes up FAST. There's a reason projector set "A" is only 60 dollars and "B" is 160 dollars.
  • We recommend getting the best materials your budget can buy.
  • Good retrofits aren't cheap. Cheap retrofits aren't good. Period. 

Are "insert name here" set really that much better that the price is double?

  • Yes. Name brand's like Morimoto, Osram, Hylux, ect. have been the choice of many looking for a quality build. Ebay brands are cheap for a reason.