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NHK G3 38W Ballasts

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Part Number: 33
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Ballasts: 2X 38W NHK G3 Ballasts with AMP connectors 

Budget Friendly: Can't splurge on the Hylux Ballasts just yet? These NHK G3 ballasts are easy on your wallet. Pair them up with the NHK bulbs for the best value!

Reliable Performance: While we arent expecting OEM grade performance out of a budget friendly unit, failure rate on these units is just under 2%. 

Increased Intensity: You'll notice increased performance with the additional wattage these unts provide against a standard 35W ballast. Just enough to give you a bump in intenisty, without having to worry about longevity of your components due to increased wear and tear. 

Fast Bright: In just a few seconds these ballasts warm up to their peak intenisty. Just turn them on and go!

Design: Black wiring and cases provide a stealthy design. The shielded wiring and external ignitors reduce radio interference. 24" total between the ballast and AMP connectors gives you plenty of options to mount your ballasts and ingitors in a convenient position. No need for those extension wiring adapters!

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