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93-08 Honda Civic/Accord/Other Retrofit Headlights

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ALL Civic/Accord/Other: Include at checkout the make/model of the car. We are able to offer a flat rate on most popular honda makes. Get in touch before ordering if you are unsure.

Product Overview: We start with a brand new set of headlight assemblies. Adding condensation vents and new headlight sealant as standard. The assemblies are modified to fit the requested projector while retaining all OEM adjusting properties for a seamless experience. This package comes with everything you need as a direct replacement to the current headlights.

Breakdown: Right headlight, Left Headlight, Retrofit of choice, All required wiring,bulbs,relays, and drivers as needed, Kaizen Lighting stickers.

RGB: Any RGB Item will require the Bluetooth controller to be added in. Switchback does NOT need the controller

PLUG AND PLAY? : YES! Any of these units plug in to your OEM harness on the car. Everything is labeled and easy for anyone to install. *Any additional accessories, such as the c lights, demon eyes, halos, Bluetooth controllers will require you to tap into a positive and negative source for power. Most guys will tap the corner and bumper lights for this. You can also run a switch.

Shipping/Handling - Complete headlight setups take on average 1 to 3 weeks to build and ship out. Material orders ship within 3 days of order.

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